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Success Stories

Shoppers heard her shout: "I'm pregnant!"

By Jeani Read reporter - The Province Thursday, October 1, 1998

When Julie Westhaver found she was pregnant, she burst into tears outside the Superstore in Mission.

"I was scared to phone" says Julie. "I kept putting it off. But when I did, I was totally ecstatic. I was crying in front of these strangers, yelling to my friend who was still in the store: "I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!"

Lots of people get excited when they get pregant. Julie and her husband Russell were, more than most. They had been trying for 11 years, since Julie was 28.

Julie now says they had it easy. In the emotionally charged world of intertility, perhaps they did.

Their story, though, doesn't sound like an easy one.

It was hard being inferile so long. It was hard to have the Fallopian-tube surgery that never did work. It was hard going to other people's baby showers; eventually Julie stopped going. It was hard to hear the scare stories about how much in vitro fertilization can cost if you need several tries - so hard that she and Russell gave up the struggle for six years. They didn't think they could ever afford it.

Finally, though, they scraped together $5,000 - and got lucky the first time.

That's what Julie means when she says it was easy.

Of course, it is hard to raise the resulting triplets they adore. Triplets can happen when you place several embryos bank in your womb to try to make sure at least one will take, so you won't have to pay yet another $5,000. Or another.

And, it's hard to think about the six years they missed, out of fear.

But in the difficult world of infertility, Julie Westhaver knows: They were pretty lucky, and it was pretty easy.



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