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When Life Begins in the Lab
Twenty-five years ago, Canada recognized the birth of a medical technology, when the first child was born through UBC’s in vitro fertilization program.
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Family finds hope in test tube
A Langley Township firefighter has gone from three alarm fire calls to 3am feedings, after he and his wife experienced the miracle of birth through in vitro fertilization.
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Ann had years of pain watching joy of others
Ann Jackson says she's always had "unfeminine" interests. She got top marks and scholarships in math and physics and went into a career in computers. Guy stuff.
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Shoppers heard her shout: "I'm pregnant!"
When Julie Westhaver found she was pregnant, she burst into tears outside the Superstore in Mission.
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The revolution is moving ahead into the 21st century, with enormous amounts of research and development devoted to helping people who are desperate to have a baby. Still, infertility is not always seen as an illness. It's not life-threatening, but it can be a devastating, invisible disability. The people who have it look fine, but they don't feel fine.
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