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BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health IVF TEAM

Psychological Counselling

Welcome to the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health. We recognize that individuals and couples seeking medical assistance for fertility face physical, psychological, emotional and perhaps spiritual challenges and adjustments. The psychological counselling program offers educational sessions, coping strategies and mind/body interventions to help you optimize your fertility efforts in positive and constructive ways.

Once you have signed-on with the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health clinic you are eligible to participate in the counseling sessions relevant to your medical treatment plan. Three hours of counselling are available to those going through the IVF or ICSI program. Here are some suggestions for times to seek counseling support.

  • At the start of the cycle a session can be helpful to clarify the phases of the cycle and assess how to best prepare psychologically and emotionally for the events ahead. Often this is an opportunity to identify stressors and formulate an appropriate plan to reduce the impact of these stressors early on in the cycle.
  • A few days prior to retrieval women and men involved in treatment find that a relaxation and visualization session helps with stress, anxiety and depression. Participants report experiencing a positive mind/body reconnection, calmness and a greater sense of empowerment and confidence.
  • The days post retrieval while waiting for fertilization results, waiting for the pregnancy results and, receiving results can also be times of intense emotions such as elation, despair, worry and grief. A counselling session to understand what is happening and how to cope can be useful during these times.

Psychological counselling is required prior to medical treatment for those who are pursuing parenting through the assistance of a gamete donor (egg or sperm).

  • One session is required for donor sperm recipients.
  • For couples pursuing egg donor, a total of three sessions is required to complete the psychological counselling process: a) one session for the donor and spouse or significant other if the donor is in a relationship; (b) one session for the recipient couple and, (c) one for all parties involved. These sessions are meant to inform everyone of current issues as well as to help clarify and address concerns or potential misunderstandings among the participants before any party is significantly invested in the arrangement. Clients generally are able to go forward with a feeling of reassurance that the key issues have been reviewed and addressed by all.

Drop-in group on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am - 9:30 am -2nd floor of the Willow Pavilion Rm 220.

Contact: Maria (604)875-5440 Ex. 62170 for specific counselling requests.

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