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Two decades – providing Hope and Life to many BC Families

The BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health was founded in 1981 when fertility treatment was considered to be “experimental” and has continued to grow since then.

BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health

The Hope Fertility Fund

The gift for “creating a family” dream – a reality for many British Columbians


Two decades – providing Hope and Life to many BC Families

The BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health was founded in 1981 when fertility treatment was considered to be “experimental” and has continued to grow since then.

The Centre's most significant milestone is the birth of the first “made in Canada” IVF baby. Since then technological advances such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection and other technologies related to male infertility have addressed the male issues surrounding infertility.

The Centre's main services are investigation and treatment of infertility. Treatment for infertility starts with less invasive and less costly options such as partner insemination through to treatment using reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization.

The Centre has seen increasing success over the years with a current 34% pregnancy rate inclusive of all ages and diagnosis.

Others treated at the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health are residents of BC who have endocrine (hormonal) problems throughout the reproductive life cycle from puberty to menopause, and those who have endometriosis and/or pelvic pain.

The Centre's goal is to provide the best opportunities to British Columbia residents who wish to have a baby and start a family. ‘Best Practices' and ‘Best Technology' will allow the Centre to build on its success in years to come.

We invite you to consider a donation that will ensure both are available and accessible to British Columbians today and to future generations.

Centre offers Hope, Personal Care

The Reid ….. Margaret and Rob

Canada's Premier IVF Mom and Son

“Twenty years ago when I gave birth to Robbie we received much media attention because of the controversy surrounding the relatively new In Vitro Fertilization process. This attention could have caused much stress, but due to the professionalism of the staff at the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health and their personal caring attitude it was minimized. They never compromised the confidentiality we requested. I am forever grateful to them.”

Nancy Newman MSW, RSW,
Counselor and Family Therapist

“As a one time counselor at the Clinic and one who went through the In Vitro Fertilization Process, I know the emotional effect on a couple can be great when awaiting the outcome at various stages of the process. The great thing about the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health is caring and personal approach of the staff. They explore all possible less invasive options before suggesting the In Vitro Fertilization process, which is a final opportunity and the most costly.?

Tim Row MD-Director,
BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health

“One out of six couples experiences infertility. Although great strides have been made in the last twenty years in determining causes and developing treatments we still have a long way to go. Government support for research, patient support and technology in the are of reproductive medicine is not a priority and simply does not exist. Our Clinic is a not-for-profit facility and operates in a cost recovery mode. We depend on support from contributions of individuals, families and socially responsible corporations. We are grateful for their assistance.”

‘Creating a Family' dream

The new Hope Fertility Fund provides support to British Columbians who wish to have a child, have had difficulty in conceiving, and need to explore the opportunities of having a baby through the resources of the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health. Often couples or individuals must travel long distances and remain in close proximity to the Centre while in a clinical counseling program. On occasion, families require additional procedures that may demand further funds. The Hope Fertility Fund is designed to offer financial support to those who otherwise would not have the financial resources to participate in a vital reproductive program.

Unfortunately, fertility procedures are costly and are not covered by the government's health insurance policy in British Columbia. Therefore, the financial ‘out-of-pocket' expenses often create added stress for couples wishing to have a child.

Your donation will help provide peace of mind while alleviating financial stress.

The BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health, formerly called the UBC Fertility Endocrine Clinic, is recognized for its caring and professional environment. The staff work closely as a team and share the following beliefs:

-Family building is a human right and must be respected.
-The integrity of the individual must be preserved.
-All decisions are guided by ethical principles and are in the best interest of those served.
-Knowledge in reproduction is increasing and must be supported.

Your gift will contribute to the support, care and treatment of individuals and couples whose desire is to ‘create a family'.

In it for hope.

When you designate your gift to the Hope Fertility Fund know it will be well looked after by the team at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation . The foundation works closely with the health professionals of the BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health to ensure generous contributions like yours will help individuals and families most in need. The BC Women's Centre for Reproductive Health is affiliated with Vancouver General Hospital.

The VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is a registered charity established to raise funds for Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital. Through the generosity of thousands of donors, the Foundation raises funds that provide additional resources and support, over and above what is provided by the Ministry of Health. The Foundation's overall goal is to raise funds for VGH and UBC Hospital, helping the medical staff find cures for tomorrow's generations, while ensuring the latest equipment is available to meet the needs of British Columbians today.





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