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When Life Begins in the Lab
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Fertility Facts:
Pregnancy Facts

For most individuals who are trying to get pregnant and are under 35 years of age there is a 25% chance each month of achieving a pregnancy. The chances of becoming pregnant increase to 60% within three to six months and up to 85% after one year.
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The In Vitro Fertilization Journey
by: Susan Wilson - Coordinator
University of British Columbia In Vitro Fertilization Program

For many couples the most difficult part of in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be the initial decision to undertake treatment. As the process involves physical, psychological, and financial cost, deciding to embark on the "journey" may be a difficult choice to make. At the UBC IVF Program, the first step for the couple considering IVF is a consultation appointment. During this two hour appointment, the couple will have blood drawn for screening tests including HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Next the couple will have a counselling session with an IVF nurse who will discuss the specifics of an IVF cycle, medication choices, psychological support, and any concerns the couple may have. In addition the couple will consult with an IVF physician...Read More>>



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