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Andrology Laboratory

Outpatient Services

1. Intrauterine Insemination Preparation with Husband's sperm
Isolation and concentration of sperm fraction.

*This fee covers any one of the following procedures: swim up, spin down, or percoll wash. We recommend that patients use ovulation test kit to detect ovulation and book appointment for the next day for sperm wash.

2. Antisperm Antibody Serum Test
Tests for antibodies against sperm in blood serum.
*For women, the test must be done during the first 12 days of her menstrual cycle.

3. Antisperm Antibody Sperm Test
Tests for antibodies against sperm in semen.

4. Basic Semen Analysis
Refrain from sexual intercourse for two days prior to the test. Longer periods are not necessary. The specimen should be collected by masturbation into the dry, sterile container provided.

5. Sperm Banking Services
The Sperm Bank of the Andrology Laboratory was established in 1982 mainly for the long-term storage of sperm specimens of cancer patients prior to their treatments. Currently, we have a new liquid nitrogen-based vapor phase freezer with a capacity exceeding 10,000 vials. In addition, we also offer sperm banking service for vasectomy patients. Service charges including initial handling, processing and annual storage fee are reasonable. For more information, please call us at 604-875-2424 (local 5530).

An annual storage fee is due at the beginning of each calendar year per patient. Failure to comply will result in the automatic destruction of all banked samples without notice! Patients are responsible for notifying the office of the Andrology Lab of changes in address or contacting telephone number.



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